How to Become an IT & Computer Technician

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The work platform in today’s world moves rapidly and what made this speed going increasing is none other than Computer technology. This in a way shows a demand for more IT experts in days to come. In order to start off with this IT & Computer course there are few basic things you need to know regarding this field. If you are interested in this segment and want to become a computer or IT expert then keep up with this content further to find out more.

Tips for Becoming an Expert in the Field of IT & Computer:

  • Learn, Experience and Gather Sound Knowledge: If you have an affinity towards technology, mathematics, electronics then and want to build your career out of this then you must first know what are the mandatory things in order to become a good computer technician or an IT expert? Nothing beats learning and gaining knowledge. Start taking classes on computers from reputed institutes that provides good guidance to its learners. If you belong to a school student then one of your main subjects as computer and carry on with your regular classes nicely.

In case of graduates you can simply start taking certificate courses on networking and basics. Many renowned IT professionals say that if somebody want to pursue their career for becoming an IT or computer expert after graduating or after high schools, they can simply apply for jobs on computer repairing shops, apply for business platform where they get to upload and install softwares. This will help them with learning and gathering experience.

  • Get Certificates and Training: There are famous institute that provide certificates in computer & IT technician, such as; CompTIA, NZIE, HITECH institute, etc. They provide certificates and training on It & computer field. Complete your training courses under their guidance and give exams that will give an outline idea of your performance. Once you learn it well passing through all the criteria you achieve a certificate that will help in your next course as a technician.

Always choose basic hardware and software repairing and other significant basic courses along with choosing other courses of your interest. Never skip certificate exams if you are serious in becoming a tech expert in future. Certificates are a proof of your trusted knowledge and experience, training, and to help you with a trusted job as an IT/computer technician. Computer repairs brisbane  is on the great service center in Australia you might want see their website how do they work 😉 

  • Go for Internship or Start with any Opportunities in the Beginning: Soon you complete your courses start with internships or any small opportunities that you see coming your way. These will help with bigger start later. You will learn more staying and working on the field. Field works are always a great way of learning and experiencing things.

Apart from all of the tips you read here remember nothing can equal practice. It’s the trial and error method that helps you gain knowledge and experience to learn and know more. So keep practicing practically no matter how much good you are theoretically. Real world speaks practically and only with good experience you can become a successful IT & Computer technician.

The Free Wi-Fi at Anti Atihan

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The Anti Atihan is a colorful festival held yearly on the third Sunday in the month of January. The festival takes place in a small town called Kalibo, Aklan located in the Philippines. The literal meaning of the word Ati-Atihan signifies “to be like Atis” or to be like Jesus. The festival has a  lot of rituals and customs.

the Anti Atihan begins in the morning with a parade which constitutes of tribal music accompanies by dance, costumes, and weapons. The parade maybe for the theists, but during the course of the day, both atheists and theists observe the procession as they go around the town. The parade itself is a display of vibrant colors and cultures, and people are mesmerized as it goes past by them. The Anti Atihan has influenced many another form of festivals such as the Dinagyang of and the Sinulog festival. The Anti-Asian festival is however considered as the core and the most important festival (The Mother of all Festival) in the Philippines, although the other two festivals signify the same thing.

The participants in te parade wear Ati costumes that are made from coconut shells, fronds and feathers and they also cover their skin with soot. Want to change your router name something kick ass ? Go here 

This being the most peak time in the Philippines, you will have a hard time booking a hotel, should you be interested in watching this magnificent with your own eyes. Most of the hotels at Kalibo offer free Wi-Fi. The festival is a delight to watch nd you will be wanting to share the photos, which you take there instantly with your friends and families and let them know what they are missing out. The Wi-SI facilities are quite good and make sure to land a hotel that has free Wi-Fi facility. It will make your life a whole lot easier.

How To Root Android Device using Framaroot

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To root an android Smartphone or tablets is very easy with the help of the Framaroot application. Rooting an android device is an internal process which tunnels the operating system restrictions allowing users full authorisations to the device. The only major drawback of rooting an android device is that it doesn’t come with the warranty.

Using a rooted device we can delete pre-installed applications, update your ROM and several other features which are not possible in normal android. There are several rooting software which can help us to root our Android phones in one go, but there are not much-rooting software that allows us to unroot the rooted device, so the use of Framaroot is very easy.

Framaroot is a one-click application just installs Superuser and Su binary over your phone. This software is easy to install over any android version ranging from 2-4. One of the most fascination features of Framaroot is that there’s an option to unroot as well. Using Framaroot application success of your device depends upon the way you follow the steps.

For once before downloading the APK of Framaroot on your device, first check the compatibility list to see if Framaroot supports your Android phone, if yes then follow these simple steps and enjoy a happy rooted device.

Steps to Root Android Using Framaroot

If you haven’t yet downloaded the apk file, you can grab it from framaroot apk.

STEP 1: At First install the Framaroot app on your phone. After downloading the APK file over your, copy the file to your device via USB cable. After copying, go to Settings>Security>Unknown source to enable the installation of applications other than Play Store. Then use any file explorer to install Framaroot on the device.

STEP 2: To Root Android via Framaroot. Open Framaroot over your device, from the drop-down list options, then choose “Install SuperSU”, further select one of the options (Gandalf, Boromir, Pippin, Legolas, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn and Gimli) that suits your device. If one doesn’t work don’t worry every device has different exploits. After then, the application will start rooting your device and you have to reboot the device after it is successfully processed. That’s it, as simple as it looks.

Unroot Android Using Framaroot

Whenever you want to unroot your device, the step you need to take is to just launch the Framaroot app on your device, and select “Unroot” from the drop-down list options. Within few second, your entire Android device will get back to the normal functions as unrooted status.