How To Root Android Device using Framaroot

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To root an android Smartphone or tablets is very easy with the help of the Framaroot application. Rooting an android device is an internal process which tunnels the operating system restrictions allowing users full authorisations to the device. The only major drawback of rooting an android device is that it doesn’t come with the warranty.

Using a rooted device we can delete pre-installed applications, update your ROM and several other features which are not possible in normal android. There are several rooting software which can help us to root our Android phones in one go, but there are not much-rooting software that allows us to unroot the rooted device, so the use of Framaroot is very easy.

Framaroot is a one-click application just installs Superuser and Su binary over your phone. This software is easy to install over any android version ranging from 2-4. One of the most fascination features of Framaroot is that there’s an option to unroot as well. Using Framaroot application success of your device depends upon the way you follow the steps.

For once before downloading the APK of Framaroot on your device, first check the compatibility list to see if Framaroot supports your Android phone, if yes then follow these simple steps and enjoy a happy rooted device.

Steps to Root Android Using Framaroot

If you haven’t yet downloaded the apk file, you can grab it from framaroot apk.

STEP 1: At First install the Framaroot app on your phone. After downloading the APK file over your, copy the file to your device via USB cable. After copying, go to Settings>Security>Unknown source to enable the installation of applications other than Play Store. Then use any file explorer to install Framaroot on the device.

STEP 2: To Root Android via Framaroot. Open Framaroot over your device, from the drop-down list options, then choose “Install SuperSU”, further select one of the options (Gandalf, Boromir, Pippin, Legolas, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn and Gimli) that suits your device. If one doesn’t work don’t worry every device has different exploits. After then, the application will start rooting your device and you have to reboot the device after it is successfully processed. That’s it, as simple as it looks.

Unroot Android Using Framaroot

Whenever you want to unroot your device, the step you need to take is to just launch the Framaroot app on your device, and select “Unroot” from the drop-down list options. Within few second, your entire Android device will get back to the normal functions as unrooted status.